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Capital City Village Membership Fee Levels

Effective January 1, 2024



Individual Fee



Household Fee


Level 1

$100 ($8/mo.)

Below $29,160

$200 ($17/mo.)

Below $39,440

Level 2

$300 ($25/mo.)

Below $43,740

$450 ($38/mo.)

Below $59,160

Level 3

$450 ($38/mo.)

Below $58,320

$600 ($50/mo.)

Below $78,880

Level 4

$600 ($50/mo.)

Above $58,320

$800 ($67/mo.)

Above $78,880


Social Supporter: Individuals and Households not needing immediate services yet or living outside CCV’s service area. 

$200/Yr. ($17/mo.)


*Based on most current tax return adjusted gross income listed. Income cap will be verified each year at renewal.

** As FPL changes, our income level criteria will change with it.

Please contact the Capital City Village office at 512-524-2709 if you have further extenuating circumstances we should consider.

Subsidized memberships (those below the $600/$800 level) are generously supplemented by charitable donations from individuals and organizations.