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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Capital City Village?

Capital City Village is Austin’s virtual community of seniors committed to aging in place and community–living in our own homes and communities comfortably–while maintaining healthy and active lifestyles. We achieve this mission through volunteers, providers and programs: volunteers to help with myriad services, including household tasks and transportation; providers available to contract with for professional services, often at a discount to members; and programs spanning social, cultural, educational and fitness stimulation and engagement.

What is aging in place and in community all about?

It means you can choose to remain in your home and community comfortably, independently, and as you grow older. It offers the pleasure of living in your own familiar environment throughout your mature years and enjoying accustomed daily rituals and special events that enrich your life.

What does Capital City Village have to do with aging in place and in community?

CCV presents a broad array of social and educational activities and arranges services to assist members with a variety of issues, among these, those related to transportation, home maintenance, healthcare, housing, and finances.

How does membership in CCV work?

CCV is a membership organization, and you must be a member to utilize volunteer services and have access to our list of providers, though most of our programs are open to the public. Within the Austin area, we welcome as members anyone over age 50 who currently lives independently and wants guidance and assistance in continuing to age in their own home and community for as long as is feasible. If you are seeking a way to access help with your medical, financial, legal, or household problems and to improve or maintain your quality of life at home, or simply to have wonderful social and cultural options with folks your age, give us a call at (512) 524-2709!

How much does it cost to become a member? 

We have six membership levels based on income, and these are guided by the federal poverty level, in order to meet the needs and circumstances of all Austin seniors. It is our policy to work with every interested senior to make the membership fee reasonable and manageable, and we also provide payment plans. Call us at (512) 524-2709 to discuss options. You can also request a copy of the membership agreement that outlines the levels, and this is also available online at Member Benefits.

What does my membership include?

1. Volunteers

Volunteers are available for household tasks such as changing an out-of-reach light bulb, occasionally walking the dog, hanging a picture, helping with a computer, transportation to doctor and grocery store, organizing bills and payments. We have a “volunteer first” policy at CCV, meaning we will seek to match a volunteer to you to complete your task, and if that is not feasible, we will provide referrals to our recommended service providers (you contract the cost separately). Please note you are eligible to receive up to three services per week, whether those are a combination of rides or other volunteer services.

2. Programs

CCV offers a real value to members through a variety of programs and activities. Most are free unless they involve an outside event such as a concert, movie, or meal. For example, we have monthly events for members, guests and potential members to socialize, share information and learn more about CCV. Our members participate in yoga classes (small fee); conversations with notable Austin leaders, usually in a member’s home; game nights, in which members play a range of popular card, board, and word games; book and movie groups and Men’s and Women’s Luncheon Groups that meet monthly to dine and foster friendship and mutual support. CCV will continue to expand and to offer members additional programs and activities as desires and needs become evident. We will continue to bring members and the community at large the latest information and guidance on issues related to aging in place and community. (Regardless of cost, all programs except the Annual Member Business Meeting are open to the public.)

During the COVID-19 Pandemic our programs have all been virtual so that community may be continued without health risks to our members, volunteers and visitors. This online community has reduced senior isolation and we have been able to recruit amazing speakers from near and far.

3. Service Providers

CCV has developed an extensive list of providers such as electricians, plumbers, professional organizers, financial managers, home health care companies and more. These providers often give a discount to CCV members.

Should I join now?

Members join for many reasons. Most participate in activities and programs offered by CCV. Further, they appreciate being able to refer to one source (the CCV office) for suggested solutions to all kinds of problems, to be given opportunity to access reliable service providers at a possible discount, to have occasions to make new friendships, or to be given a chance to challenge themselves in new undertakings. Some may need home help now, while others want to be assured of receiving assistance in the future, of being able to sustain as far as possible their current lifestyle in their own home, like an insurance policy.

Should I call CCV in an emergency?

If you have a medical emergency, call 911, and then call your doctor.

Should I call CCV in a non-emergency?

CCV may be able to quickly address your need if you are in less than an “emergency” or life-threatening circumstance or if your living circumstances have changed. For example, we can help to arrange for home caregivers, case managers, and patient advocates; or to find volunteers to pick up prescriptions, run an errand, or simply drop in to chat. We are at (512) 524-2709.

How can I learn more about CCV and activities?

You can subscribe to our e-newsletter by sending us your email at, calling us at (512) 524-2709 to learn more, or coming to an event. Check out the full calendar.

Who can be a CCV Volunteer? 

Our volunteers are a talented group with widely varied backgrounds. A number of CCV members act as volunteers, while non-member volunteers are recruited from the community at large. Our volunteers are screened by CCV management and must attend an orientation class. Each is motivated by a desire to serve others and make a difference in our community. We’re always looking for volunteers to provide new services and recreational activities. Are you a computer whiz or database manager? Or maybe you’re a person with a knack for repairing things that break. Or one who helps folks get organized. If helping others adds joy to your life, we would love for you to share your skills with the Village!

What services do volunteers provide to CCV members?

Volunteers can help change a member’s hard-to-reach light bulbs; show them how to set up or use a new computer or an e-mail account; drive them to the store or to a medical appointment; help them organize their files, bills and monthly payments; chop some weeds in their garden; or occasionally walk their dog. The CCV office puts out via e-mail regular calls for volunteer assistance. Volunteers are generally expected to participate monthly in at least one or two activities or calls for assistance. Members are eligible to receive up to three services per week, whether those be a combination of rides or other volunteer services.

How do I request a volunteer?

We ask you to provide at least three days’ notice for every request, especially for transportation. Call the office at (512) 524-2709 to submit your request. We will gather all the relevant information in order to match the volunteer to you, so have addresses, times, and any relevant logistical details ready.

What are service providers and how does this work?

As we previously mentioned, we have a volunteer first policy, so we will always seek out a volunteer to assist you. If none are available, or the service requires a professional, we will refer you to one or more of our recommended service providers. We have a panel of recommended service providers whom we refer to members. These providers include electricians, plumbers, financial managers, home health-care companies, and professional organizers. Some offer a discount to CCV members. If you elect to go with a provider, you will contact them (based on information provided by the office), mention your membership and contract with them separately for payment.

How is CCV involved in the Austin Aging Community?

We were a member of the Mayor’s Task Force on Aging and currently participate in a number of local initiatives such as AustinUP, the Aging Services Council and OneVoice. We also work closely with many partners to provide resources and referrals to seniors.